Tré Seals

Designer, Founder, Letterman

At the age of 20, he made a pact with himself that he’d be an internationally renowned designer by the time he was 25. Now 26, Tré has been named an Ascender by the Type Directors Club for the work of his practice, Studio Seals. With his font foundry, Vocal Type Co., he has been named one of the top changemakers shaping the future of design and culture, by The Dots UK. Read more about Tré below.

Being Vocal

Thursday October 24 | 1:30 pm

Tré was only two years out of college with a passion for branding, and all of a sudden, he got bored. “I was tired of the process of searching for inspiration only to realize that everything looks the same,” he says. “I started wondering if I had chosen the wrong career path. Once I discovered that the design industry is over 80% white and majority male, everything made sense. When an industry is dominated by a singular experience, a singular perspective, this creates a lack of diversity in people, experiences, ideas, voices, and most importantly, creations. So in short, I started, and continue to expand upon, Vocal Type Co. for the (less than) 20% who feel that they don’t have a voice, and continue to be underrepresented, in the design industry.” His talk will cover the founding of Vocal Type Co., the importance of diversity in design, and a look at his process.

Type Design for Non-Type Designers

Friday October 25 | 10:30 am | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Rambler Room

A crash course in designing a typeface from sketchbook to Illustrator. The workshop will cover concepting, sketching, tracing techniques, and setting yourself up in Illustrator. Get ready to make your own type!

THIS WORKSHOP IS CURRENTLY FULL. Please check back as as space may open the week of the conference. 

More about the speaker

From the beginning, Tré Seals was set on a path to become the designer he is today. From kindergarten to 3rd grade he practiced writing in cursive until his handwriting looked like the sample sheets. In the 5th and 6th grade he started his first creative venture, graffitiing people’s names on index cards, laminating them, and selling them for $3 a piece. In high school he designed tattoos. And at the age of 20, Seals made a pact with himself that by the time he was 25, he’d become an internationally renowned designer.

Now 25, Seals has worked with over 200 clients, been named an Ascender by the Type Directors Club, named one of the top 100 creatives inspiring change by The Dots UK, and has been interviewed by the likes of Adobe and Hoefler & Co. Beyond accolades, Seals opened a studio practice and the second black-owned font foundry in America with the mission of diversifying design, preserving culture, and, naturally, crafting typefaces.

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