Stacey Stemach

Designer, Architect, Creator

Founder of Stemach Design + Architecture, Stacey is a holistic thinking architect who is driven by the pursuit of excellent design, energy efficient buildings, and sustainable living. He has worked extensively with public agencies, managing projects and creating solutions for urban renewal and building renovation. Read more about Stacy below.


The Architecture of Light

Friday October 25 | 8:30 am | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Rambler Room

A workshop to explore the concepts of designing with light and color as a building material to create experience. As we move through our lives day to day, we pay attention to the solid things around us, our homes, our cars, our smartphones, computers and devices. We rarely pay attention to the space that we occupy, and how the light in those spaces can influence our experience.

Light plays an important role to life, from the annual seasonal patterns to daily circadian rhythms. Recognizing the natural experiences of light and utilizing those qualities in the built environment can help create more comfortable spaces, spaces more tuned to their purposes. This workshop is intended to provide the audience with an awareness of light in the spaces they inhabit, in order to have a better understanding how light can change their space and their experiences within that space.

THIS WORKSHOP IF CURRENTLY FULL. Please check back as as space may open the week of the conference. 


More about the speaker

Stacey is owner and architect of Stemach Design + Architecture. Stacey’s passion for careful, unique design and a dedication to holistic sustainability has led to a number of successful, award-winning solutions for urban renewal and building renovation. At ease designing a desk lamp or planning a new neighborhood corridor, his creativity stems from an innate sense of how people interact with their built environment.

Stacey spent the formative years of his career in New England, which exposed him to renovation work in historically significant projects. During this time, he coordinated with several large public agencies, including the New York City Housing Authority, the Maine State Housing Authority, and private educational entities.

After relocating to Bend with his wife in 2003, Stacey worked as a project manager entrusted with design and management responsibilities on projects for many public agencies in Oregon. These included  Crook, Jefferson, and Deschutes Counties, along with the City of Madras, the City of Sisters, and the City of McMinnville. He has worked with public funding agencies, including the USDA Rural Development, USDA HUD programs, the Oregon Community Development Block Grant, and the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council. He has provided expert guidance on a variety of urban-situated offices, industrial, and housing facilities across Central Oregon.

Stacey takes an active role in the community by giving time to various civic groups and nonprofits. He is currently the Chair of the non-profit Building a Better Bend, serves on OSU-Cascades’ Campus Expansion Advisory Committee (CEAC), participates on the CEAC Housing and Sustainability Task Forces, and volunteers on the City of Bend UGB Technical Advisory Committee. He is also a signing charter member of the City of Bend’s Galveston Avenue Improvement Task Force.

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