Rian Long

Designer, Front End Developer, Technologist

Rian Long is a creative technologist at Instrument in Portland, OR. He’s been an experiential designer for over five years and has focused his recent research on user experience design for VR and AR spaces. Read more about Rian below.

User Experience in XR: From Screen to Space

Friday October 25 | 8:30 am | 3.5 hours | McMenamins, Father Luke's Room

Extended reality—virtual, augmented, and mixed—has created opportunities to build powerful experiences that affect audiences in ways no other medium can, blurring the barriers between digital and physical. In order for these new worlds to be ones we actually want to visit we need thoughtful creatives to help imagine and define what meaningful, user-centered immersive experiences can look like.

For those who’ve been primarily designing for screens, going from X and Y to Z isn’t always easy. The tools and approaches we use everyday influence our design output and can limit our creative potential as we begin designing for real and virtual spaces. In this workshop we’ll walk small teams through several hands-on methods that will help you push through boundaries to create amazing spatial experiences.

This event is intended for a design audience and will focus primarily on spatial design for immersive (AR/MR/VR) applications.

NOTE: This workshop is 3.5 hours.

More about the speaker

Rian Long is a digital and experiential designer based out of Portland, Oregon. He is a graphic design graduate from Portland State University, with a focus on digital and interactive design. His work spans identities, interfaces, experiences, installations, and animations. Overall his aim is to build immersive design-driven experiences that evolve from the screen to the physical space. He currently works as a creative technologist at Instrument in Portland, Oregon.

Learn more at rianlong.com.