Peter Burr


Peter Burr is an artist, a master of computer animation whose works have been presented at Documenta, MoMA PS1, and The Barbican Centre, among others. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Burr worked under the alias Hooliganship and founded the video label Cartune Xprez. Read more about Peter below.

Pattern Language

Thursday October 24 | 1:30 pm

‘Pattern Language’ is a term coined by architect Christopher Alexander to quantify the aliveness of certain human ambitions through an index of structural patterns. Some advocates of this design approach claim that ordinary people can use it to successfully solve very large, complex design problems. In this piece, Alexander’s design theories are applied towards the construction of a generative video game labyrinth resulting in a rhythmic animation made of rippling, skipping, and strobing arrays of light. The whole environment is infused with a procedural vitality brought forth through cellular automata and crowd simulation algorithms.

This film premiered in 2017 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. View an excerpt here.

Interview with Ivar Zeile and Peter Burr: Live Podcast

Friday October 25 | 3:30 pm | 90 Minutes | Trinity Episcopal Church – St. Helens Hall

Chris Martin, producer of the podcast Getting Work To Work, will interview long time friends and collaborators Ivar Zeile and Peter Burr. Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs who bring ideas to life by creating new things and getting their work to work. In a special live conversation, host Chris Martin and guests Ivar Zeile and Peter Burr will dive into topics every creative entrepreneur can relate to: the creative process, successes and failures, the never-ending struggle to evolve in a fast-paced world, and how to think bigger. There will also be time for Q&A and behind-the-scenes commentary on what it takes to produce a weekly podcast.

More about the speaker

Peter Burr is an artist from Brooklyn, NY. A master of computer animation with a gift for creating images and environments that hover on the boundary between abstraction and figuration, Burr has in recent years devoted himself to exploring the concept of an endlessly mutating labyrinth. His practice often engages with tools of the video game industry in the form of immersive cinematic artworks. These pieces have been presented internationally by various institutions including Documenta 14, Athens; MoMA PS1, New York; and The Barbican Centre, London.

Previously Burr worked under the alias Hooliganship and founded the video label Cartune Xprez through which he produced hundreds of live multimedia exhibitions and touring programs showcasing a multi-generational group of artists at the forefront of experimental animation. His practice has been recognized through grants and awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship (2018), a Creative Capital Grant (2016), and a Sundance New Frontier Fellowship (2016).

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