Meet-Up: Personal Brand & Authenticity

Kristen founded a digital agency, Peare Media, and works with celebrity status brands who are ready to leverage their established name and proven success record into profitable online lead generation in the online marketing world.  With over 8 years in the PR Industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known. What she realized is that the journey doesn’t end with being known… It’s the starting point.

Through her mentorship and consulting services, she transform Emerging Entrepreneurs into strategic storytellers in order to unlock new opportunities, scale your impact and own your influence.

Kristen moved back to Bend with her husband and 2 girls (ages 2 & 4) after a career in publicity, getting her clients interviews with media giants like Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Oz.  

Most days you’ll likely find her drinking tea, walking Pilot Butte, painting and doodling, searching for a hot spring or playing beach volleyball.

Michelle understands the need for photos that serve an actual purpose instead of simply being “pretty pictures,” and because of that is a nationally recognized lifestyle photographer.

She’s not just “talking the talk,” Michelle has been in business for herself for over 10 years (in fact, she started her business twice! The second time, right here in Bend, OR) and handles all of the branding, social media content, marketing materials, web design and more for The Suitcase Studio.

As her brand grows, she’s now also educating other businesses and fellow photographers on how to create a successful photography business. 

And in her spare time, you’ll find her wandering the Central Oregon trails with her husband and mini-dachshund, geeking out to Marvel movies, or hanging out at one of the 20+ breweries here in Bend!

Paige Major is a Branding Photographer & Strategist.  She helps entrepreneurs create intentional imagery that connects with their ideal client, tells their brand story, and stand out on social media, all while saving them precious time!

Paige owned a brick and mortar (cheerleading gym) for 12 years before deciding it was time for a change.  She knew that she wanted to combine the business and marketing expertise she had gained from that experience with her love of photography, so going the brand strategy and photography was a perfect fit.

She believes the people behind the business are what makes it unique, and loves to help business owners share their stories and show the world what it feels like to do business with them. Nothing fills her bucket more than seeing women believe in themselves and succeed.


Meet-Up: Personal Brand & Authenticity

Friday October 25 | 8:30 am | 90 Minutes | Deschutes Brewery Tap Room

What if you could easily attract and retain more high-value clients that you love working with, simply by being yourself?  

When leveraged properly through a mix of imagery, storytelling, digital strategy and branding, a PERSONAL BRAND can help you to:

  •     Easily create a thriving business 
  •     Work with clients who you love (AND who love you back) 
  •     Get more of the right referrals 
  •     Get paid what you’re worth
  •     Unlock new opportunities 

This panel will explore exactly what building a  Personal Brand means, best practices and how to get started right now, no matter where you are in your career.