Joel Pilger


Working at the intersection of creativity and commerce, Joel Pilger’s mission is to unleash the genius of creative entrepreneurs. He is a consultant and partner at RevThink, and host of The RevThinking podcast. Read more about Joel below.

Our Crisis of Unhelpfulness

Thursday October 24 | 9:00 am

Design is supposed to make things easier. Why are designers making things harder? Design promises solutions to a world of questions in search of answers. But what if the designers are invisible? Meet Our Crisis of Unhelpfulness, where clients with real challenges struggle every day to find, understand, and collaborate with creators who are all sadly floating in a sea of sameness. In this talk, RevThink consultant Joel Pilger will reveal the root causes of the crisis… as well as the discovery that has helped hundreds of creative firms around the world overcome it.

Carve Out Your Positioning with Joel Pilger

Friday October 25 | 10:30 am & 1:30 pm | 90 Minutes | Oxford Hotel, Minnesota Ballroom

As a designer or creative, do you feel misunderstood? Underappreciated? Surprisingly, how you present yourself to the world — a.k.a. your positioning — may be what’s holding you back. In this intensive workshop, RevThink consultant Joel Pilger will take you through his revolutionary concept of the Three P’s—Purpose, Power, and Personality—which enables leading creative firms to stand out and build deeper relationships so they can solve their clients’ biggest challenges.

THE 10:30 SESSION IS CURRENTLY FULL. There is still space in the 1:30 session. Please check back as as space may open the week of the conference. 

More about the speaker

Working at the intersection of creativity and commerce, Joel Pilger’s mission is unleashing the genius of creative entrepreneurs. Joel brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as a consultant and partner at RevThink, the consultancy for next-generation creative entrepreneurs.  

His clients are among the leading names in the industry based in the US as well as 22 countries around the world. Among his current initiatives, Joel leads QOHORT Masterminds and private dinners for creative entrepreneurs in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and other major cities.

Joel is the host of The RevThinking podcast and is a frequent featured speaker at international conferences, associations, and universities. He is a voting member for the Primetime Emmy Awards for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and has authored for Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Post Perspectives and PromaxBDA Brief magazines. In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed Impossible Pictures as one of the most successful creative studios to ever thrive between the coasts.