Jay Clarke

Writer, Composer, Artist

Jay Clarke is an Associate Writing Director at Instrument in Portland, Oregon. He’s also a composer who has scored numerous movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Unlocking the Archetypes of Creativity

Friday October 25 | 1:30 pm & 3:30 pm | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Father Luke's Room

How can character types from mythology, literature, and art aid our creative lives? How can one identify which of these personality characteristics are readily present and which could be further developed? We’ll take a look at ways to tap into these deep, hidden resources to find new ways around our creative challenges, understand confusing clients, and navigate coworkers who seem to dance to a different drummer.

THIS WORKSHOP IS CURRENTLY FULL. Please check back as as space may open the week of the conference. 

More about the speaker

Jay Clarke has worn a number of professional hats including a college English professor, professional touring musician, the music director of a licensing firm, an award-winning composer for films and TV, and most recently, the Associate Writing Director at Instrument in Portland, Oregon.

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