Diane Gibbs

Designer, Coaching, Strategist

Diane Gibbs is a Professor of Graphic Design University of South Alabama and host of the podcast Design Recharge. As a designer and entrepreneur, she runs the firm Little Bird Communications and has won over 24 national and international design awards. Diane coaches design entrepreneurs from all over the United States, guiding them in growing their businesses. Read more about Diane below.

The Power of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Friday October 25 | 10:30 am & 1:30 pm | 90 Minutes | Trinity Episcopal Church – Brooks Hall

We all need more leads or more connections. Often we are held back because we are avoiding discomfort and/or fear of rejection, so we don’t move out of our areas of safety and comfort. When you are able to face those fears and move into and through the areas of discomfort, you realize it wasn’t as bad as your imagination told you it was going to be. Instead you are incredibly rewarded. The more times you step into the discomfort the easier it becomes to step in and move through it. This workshop will give actionable steps for you to take that help you make authentic connections at the conference, at home, and even on the internet. Through self-evaluation, role play, and one-on-one exercises and prompts this workshop gives you confidence to go out and make new friends and build your network.

THE 10:30 SESSION IS CURRENTLY FULL. There is still space in the 1:30 session. Please check back as as space may open the week of the conference. 

More about the speaker

Diane Gibbs has been a designer and entrepreneur for over 20 years, running her own firm, Little Bird Communications. She has won over 24 national and international design awards. She coaches professional design entrepreneurs from all over the United States, guiding them in growing their businesses.

Diane is a genius at connecting with others and is known for pairing every new contact she meets with someone from her brain’s Rolodex who can help them. She has helped numerous businesses niche down and clarify their audience. Diane has is a regular contributor on the popular YouTube channel “The Future with Chris Do.” She has been a guest on numerous other podcasts, and has spoken at three national conferences, emceed regional AIGA events, and facilitated workshops.

Diane has been teaching graphic design at the University of South Alabama since 2003. In May of 2012, to keep herself inspired and expand her network with other creatives, Diane started a live, weekly, video podcast called Design Recharge where she interviews creatives and industry leaders from around the globe. Diane is passionate about helping creatives grow their businesses and serves as a recruiter/matchmaker for budding, creative entrepreneurs by connecting them with emerging designers who have recently joined the industry through her side project, Recruiting Creatives.

You can learn more about Diane’s work at rechargingyou.com and littlebirdcommunications.com.