Meet Up: The Growth Hack That’s Been Hiding In Your Own Backyard

Becky Herrington has been in marketing for more than 15 years. She’s worked in marketing agency world, billionaire foundations, massive music festivals and publishing. She’s excited about the future of digital marketing because as much as she’s seen things change, the more she’s realized that they stay the same. Her passion is to see a revolutionary shift back to basics. She is co-owner of BH Marketing Firm, a full service digital marketing agency and Founder of Podcast Recipe, helping individuals and businesses launch their podcast. 

Shannon Hinderberger is an online marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience who works with brands to execute their web presence and she also mentors female entrepreneurs on how to simplify their online strategy in under 10 hours a month through coaching.
She helps small business owners be less overwhelmed and more consistent in their online marketing so they can focus on their business and make money.

Meet-Up: The Growth Hack That’s Been Hiding In Your Own Backyard

Friday October 25 | 3:30 pm | 90 Minutes | Deschutes Brewery Tap Room

What if I told you that having the business of your dreams and the profit you’ve been pining over was right under your own nose? That it’s been lying in wait to help you break free into the multi-6 figure earning category and give you time away from your business to boot. Join Becky Herrington of BH Marketing Firm and Shannon Hinderberger of Shannon Lee Strategy as they unpack real business learnings from personal and financial growth to rocket fuel their businesses forward. They’ll share the secrets behind the scenes of growing a business, pushing their skills to the limit and cooperating well with other competitors to get there. The world told us that we had to climb our own ladder, the truth is that putting ladders together gets you twice the distance in half the time.

Be prepared to walk away excited to:

  •     Invite your biggest competitor to lunch on you
  •     Start looking to the left and right for help and expansion
  •     Excited and focused on what’s next for your future