Dinner Conversations

Thursday October 24 | 7:00 – 9:00pm
| Various Restaurants in Downtown Bend

Dinner Conversations is an opportunity for Bend Design attendees to become better connected based on their shared pursuits. This happens in small group conversations hosted by one volunteer willing to make a dinner reservation and propose a focal point for a shared dinner conversation.To participate, hosts will make dinner reservations at local Bend restaurants and invite other attendees to sign up to join their party for a dinner conversation where design-related pursuits, curiosities and projects are explored.


I Will Survive: Shifting Leadership Roles in a Rapidly Evolving Environment

With Troy Allen Coleman, Principal Designer, PicMonkey, LLC

In a rapidly evolving studio environment, such as a large corporation suffering through a reorg, or a snappy young startup experiencing rapid growth, job titles, positions, and responsibilities can also quickly change, creating exciting new opportunities for us to strive for. It’s not uncommon to be able to slip into a new management role, or even have positions of leadership bestowed upon us. 

But what happens when the fancy new Creative Director position doesn’t work out and we find ourselves faced with challenges that we are not prepared for or that we have little – or no – experience to handle? You do not have to stay in a defined position of leadership to be an effective design leader to your team. 

Let’s take some time to talk about how stepping away from a job title that defines you as a leader and back into a role as an individual contributor can actually make you a better design leader and recharge your creativity.  Sign Up Here

McMenamins, 700 NW Bond St, Bend


The Creative Life

With Charlie Thiel, Podcast host, Business owner, The Call To Create podcast

How do we create a life for ourselves that allows us to be creatively fulfilled and challenged both personally and professionally? How do we then balance that life with the day to day challenges of bills, kids, family, and our physical and emotional health? Share your experiences and hear how others handle these same challenges. Sign Up Here

Jackson’s Corner West, 845 NW Delaware Ave, Bend




Valuing Creativity in the Modern Era of Online Crowdsourcing and Globalization

With Chris Fasan, Brand Strategist/Creative Director, Version-X Design

How do you have conversations about pricing your services and justifying your value in a world of 99designs and overseas freelancers charging exponentially less? We’ll discuss how this modern day industry issue might be affecting your business and how different people are addressing these conversations and expressing the value of their services when they arise. We’ll also talk about the type of client that is bringing this up and whether they are a good fit for your business. Sign Up Here

Drake, 801 NW Wall St, Bend


Ethics for Creatives: Living your Values

With Joshua Berger, Creative Director, Designer, PLAZM

I compromise my values in order to get things done. Working for agencies and multinational corporations is fraught with many dichotomies. What is the right balance? In whose service are we doing our work? Are we moving forward? How do we know when we’ve gone too far? I perhaps have more questions than answers and will come to the dinner table with a few prompts to frame our conversation. Let us share knowledge in the hope of increasing understanding and bettering each other’s practices.  Sign Up Here

Barrio, 915 NW Wall St, Bend


Facing Reality: Life as a Creative After Graduation

With Ethan Coy and Kiel Kleeburg, Recent Design Graduates

Life after graduation can be intimidating and frankly brutal. No one teaches you in school how to survive as a creative in a world where creative professions aren’t always easily accessible. How do we juggle that 9-5 job that pays the bills while still trying to pursue our creative dreams? What does success look like and how can we empower and uplift each other? Whether you’re a recent grad or still a student, join us for a casual conversation about navigating these obstacles and sharing how we face the reality of life as creative! Sign Up Here

Bend Brewing Company, 1019 NW Brooks St, Bend