Lynette Xanders, Behind the Scenes and #BeyondDesign

Lynette riding horses with her daughter in Central Oregon.

Lynette Xanders is a brand strategist, creative qualitative planner, cultural therapist, and the CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy. She is a person so full of inspiration and so willing to share her brilliant insights that #lynetteism is a regular part of the design world’s lexicon. Great ready to see a lot more of her because we are thrilled she will be leading her popular “Brand You” and “Creativity In A Digital Age” workshops at Bend Design 2018.


Who is Lynette when she is not traveling the world, hosting workshops and helping brands create “something amazing?”


Who is your hero?
Stan Richards (The Richards Group). He epitomizes the confluence of creativity, efficiency and raw brilliance. He absolutely does his own thing and prioritizes kindness and teaching.


Quote to live by?
“If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong” (Groucho Marx)


Favorite Instagram account?
My daughter’s. I love to see the world through her eyes (and keep track of what she’s up to 😉


Reading for fun?
Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown. Hilarious, real and full of life hacks (my fav).


Always in my carry on?
I’m OCD about my packing so I always have the same things in my carry-on but essentials are: lip goo, headphones, paper and pen. I also always carry my passport in case I have to jam (thanks, Ally Sheedy).


Favorite pop culture moment from last decade?
I actually had to look this up because I have no sense of time. Heath Ledger’s Joker role in the Dark Knight was epic. Sad, but epic.


3 places you always go when you host someone in your city?
‘My city” is hard because I’m nomadic, so here are my hoods:

Central OR:  Metolius spring, Black Butte Ranch deck, Pine Tavern patio, Drake Park, OMD (often in that order).

PDX: view from PDX City Grill (big pink), waterfront park, NW 23rd or Alberta then eat, eat, eat.

Mt Hood: Salmon River trail, Timberline Lodge, tube the Sandy or night ski Skibowl, hit the Spa at the Resort, drink at Mallards then Brightwood Tavern fried chicken.

Could give you MKE and TUC as well, but will leave it here.


Favorite musical?
Mamma Mia!  Had me at Abba.


Your superpower?
People tell me secrets, willingly. Often out of the blue. Great for my business of finding insights but awkward in a mass transit setting.


How do you spend your last $5 in a foreign country?
I just did this. I buy a local magazine – something I’d never get at home – even if it’s not in English. Gives me a flavor of a place and is a non-touristy keepsake.


Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune?
Neither – such a drag, I know. I’m a movie hound or now series, but don’t watch regular tv.  Makes me grind my teeth. Although ‘come on down’ is etched in my brain somewhere (but so is Vanna)…part of our dna.


What are you most looking forward to doing in Bend in Oct?
I’m stoked for the after party. Tis my favorite part where I get to talk to people and hear what they took away and share cards and conspire to play together.  Around the conference, it’s my favorite time to SUP because everything is calm.


Anything else we should know about you?
I’m compelled to fix things – like the dude in Hugo. So if you ask me for any kind of advice, I’m going to write a prescription for you. Be forewarned.  I also love French pop, Rihanna and EDM. Not sure you need to know, but it’s a thing.