Keeping up with Bend Design Con’s Creative Community


Though we haven’t figured out a way to bottle the inspiration gathered at last year’s BND DSGN CON, we do hope to stoke the creative fire inside of our community with an update from our incredible 2017 speakers. Today we have notes from three wonderful creators on what is inspiring them at the moment.  Let’s hear from Lynette Xanders, Kawandeep Virdee and Angela Luna!

First up, Lynette Xanders, CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy.  What are you excited about this year?

“I am excited to travel to various places across the US to speak at events. I am enjoying training and workshops around efficiency optimization for local clients and national agencies. Tis’ a year of sharing wisdoms while I try to wrap up my new books – wish me luck! I’d love to get them out by the fall.”

Lynette travels to roughly 25 speaking engagements, events, retreats and conferences on an annual basis so needless to say she is a true road warrior. And luckily, one of her inspirations is travel and connecting with her clients!

“I made peace with travel and being nomadic a long time ago. I like the forced simplicity of living in a suitcase and productive work time (I work well on planes because I’m strapped to my seat and people bring me food and wine). My family misses me. We play hard when I’m home. I love the flexibility of it and sometimes I get to bring my husband which invites a boondoggle (which is always good). I find traveling for speaking to be easier/more fun than work travel because I don’t have clients to babysit (you know I still love you people) and there aren’t as many variables. I know my stuff. And I enjoy the hell out of it. I actually do it because it feeds me energetically (hopefully soon physically).”

And once she is at a destination she gets to experience the true joy of connecting with innovative people and ideas.

“I love to see faces light up and people start to nod (in shared knowing, not nod off)…I find people tell me that I’m reminding them of things they know inherently to be true but hadn’t thought about in awhile or thought about that way before so I don’t get a lot of crossed arms or eyebrows or blue lights. I love the people who come up at the end or email me later to tell me what nugget got them re-ignited. I love the enthusiasm, hope, inspiration, drive and creativity that you can smell on someone who’s become unlocked. Get a few of those in a room at one time and it’ll make your day.”

If you want more from Lynette Xanders – and frankly, who doesn’t – check out her “isms” on her site.

Next up, Kawandeep Virdee, the creative technologist behind Whichlight. What is he inspired by right now? It actually has nothing to do with work and everything to do with focusing on….nothing:

“I am developing a practice of things that are not directly creatively or vocationally productive, but essential for my personal growth. Basically valuing things that otherwise may be overlooked in a world that maximizes productivity and consumption. I am sitting down for an hour each day to close my eyes and do nothing. What’s compelling to me is rather than having a goal to do this, it is the resolve to keep doing it.”

You can join Kawandeep on his journey within and give this a try for yourself. He periodically does his hour of powering down online so make sure to follow his social channels: instagram, twitter and github.  

Last but not least, Angela Luna, Founder and CEO of ADIFF.  What is she thinking about this year? New products, a new city and a very important cause:

“First and foremost, OUR TENT JACKETS ARE FINALLY IN STOCK!!! Getting these jackets made has been a LONG time coming, with over a year of development. Our customers and supporters have been patiently waiting for the release of the jacket and we are thrilled with the final result. We will have the jackets in house at the end of March and will ship out mid April.

I’m super excited about some new designs I’m creating that challenge our conception and use practices of outerwear and hopefully offer new solutions for better, more practical, and more sustainable methods of dressing. We’re looking to roll these out sometime later this year, so please stay tuned and follow our progress on social media.

I’m excited to be kicking off the year as an official LA resident! We’re now just dropping our road trip video that shows our journey across the U.S.: who we met, what we had to deal with, and how it actually was to sleep out in our tent jackets for several days straight. I’m happy to finally be able to share this story and all the lessons we learned.

And finally, [Shameless activism plug – what kind of an activist would I be if I didn’t take this as an opportunity to discuss an important issue!] This year I’m also following all of the push back to gun violence in America. I’m hoping to see progress for 2018 and am rooting for and supporting the students from Parkland. I’m inspired to see this generation’s dedication and persistence, and hope that they can accomplish what many couldn’t for so long. Change is brewing for 2018!”

Follow Angela Luna’s work at ADIFF on Twitter and Facebook.  And stay tuned for more updates on past speakers in the coming months!