Instagram Accounts to Feed Your Imagination

3 Inspiration Recommendations

Getting ready to attend a conference so often takes a backseat to the buzz of daily life- even conferences you’re really excited about going to. You buy tickets, and then completely forget about it until it’s time to pack your bags and get there. That’s why we’re compiling a list of Instagram accounts to follow so your feed can inspire you leading up to this year’s Bend Design Conference and energize you about being in Bend, Oregon this October.  

We’ve asked our community to help create the following list by suggesting favorite #design-related and/or #inbend-related Instagram accounts:

@natewyeth -guided by an artistic mind to beautiful places

Suggested by BND DSGN volunteer @bendhiker, Nate Wyeth comes from a family of creatives (yes, that Wyeth family) and brings his creative passion to finding exceptional and breathtaking landscapes and working in a human aspect. Based in Bend, Nate’s images will most certainly make you want to schedule some extra time to be outside in Central Oregon.

Pretty damn thankful for this life of mine.

A photo posted by Nate Wyeth (@natewyeth) on

 @greenlinepress – taking printmaking to the people

Recommended by BND DSGN volunteer @babsinbend, Green Line Press (aka Sweet Pea Cole) wants you to be a printmaker too. Her #upullprints are an invitation to make something with your hands.

@thejealouscurator – using jealousy as fuel to get back into the studio

Suggested by @reidwrites, The Jealous Curator (aka Danielle Krysa) used to be stymied when she saw artwork that she loved. She has since turned her “jealousy” – magically, wonderfully, and thankfully – into inspiration.

We’ll continue adding to to this list and we’d love your help! Just tag us on Instagram with #benddesigncon, mention us @benddesigncon, or share your favorite account(s) in the comments below.