Bend Design 2018: #BeyondDesign


Are today’s innovators solving all the wrong problems? Can we learn from pain? How can a fast-growing city evolve smartly while preserving its character? Will the average business lose its personality before it loses its way? How do design, architecture, sound, and art change the world?

To answer life’s important questions, we need innovative thinkers from all walks of life. Craft brewers. Ranchers. Entrepreneurs. That’s just to start. We’ll also need dog walkers. Librarians. Triathletes. And we’ll need professional creatives—designers, architects, writers, and artists trained in creative problem solving. Some call it Design Thinking: a way to delve deep and come up with elegant solutions we can apply to real life.

You’re invited to listen, learn, and bring your knowledge to the conversation. It all happens at Bend Design 2018. Let’s dive in together, beyond design.