All Aboard: Get on the Bus to Bend Design



Bend Design, along with Civilization and FISK, put together a road trip with a creative twist knowing that sometimes the best way to unlock creative potential is to get away and clear your head.  You could say they are helping you remove any “road blocks” to connecting to your deeper thoughts. The 4-day design road trip will take Seattle and Portland designers to Bend, Oregon for Bend Design and back with design-related events, movies, and conversations along the way.

Bijan Berahimi from FISK will be your creative tour guide on the trip, so we asked him for a few thoughts related to the journey as well as the art of a road trip:

In a nutshell why should someone join the Bend or Bust Road Trip to Bend Design 2018 this October?
We live in a world where things are moving faster and faster, and where we are working in more untraditional ways. We work on the road constantly; in planes, cars, and trains. With a phone or laptop we have access to creating powerful content at a quality level. We’ll utilize all of these aspects of creativity during the road trip. It will be a super unique experience.

What would you tell someone who wants to come but is hesitant to sign up?
Come hang out with us, it’ll be fun.

What is your advice for students considering the trip?
Get your school to pay for it.

How often will the BendDesign road trip bus make stops for design related activities?
We’ll be starting in Seattle, stopping at our studio/gallery FISK in Portland where we’ll have lunch and view the current exhibit. And ending in Bend.

What do I need to bring on the bus to participate?
Your phone, a notebook, and pencil. Your laptop if you want.

Can I snooze on the bus if needed?
I wouldn’t suggest it.

What snacks are a road-trip must?

You can only play 1 CD on your drive across country. What is it?
I can’t decide on that, thankfully we live in an era of infinite access to all music. Hopefully the bus has a AUX hook-up.

“On road trips I stop at all…”
In N Outs

“Besides the driver, the most essential road trip role is the…”

Vintage airStream or VW bus?
VW Bus

Best road trip movie ever?
A Goofy Movie (Definitely features a different kind of road trip than the one we’ll be doing)

Your dream road trip companions?
Creative people.